Beauty Boulevard

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The Company

Founded in 2013 by Paula Short and Rachel de Caux, Beauty Boulevard is a cosmetics company based in Lincoln which sells a variety of skin and body care products around the world.

Beauty Boulevard was established after its founders developed a one-off glittered lipstick called Glitter Lips as a marketing and sales tool for their Lincoln-based hair salon.

Glitter Lips took Lincoln by storm! After witnessing its potential on a small scale, Paula and Rachel showcased the product in Top Shop on Oxford Street in London. This led to a call from Top Shop executives about Glitter Lips, an appearance on ITV’s This Morning and the opportunity to pitch their product on Dragons’ Den – the BBC flagship investment programme.


The Challenge

Glitter and plastic content is currently under scrutiny around the world.

As an ethical and sustainable company, Beauty Boulevard wanted to redevelop many of its products using environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients to stay ahead of its competitors and to deliver what the current consumer market expects.  

By taking this innovative approach, Paula and Rachel believed it would not only give their business an important unique selling point to enhance its growth potential, but also help raise standards within the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Currently, plant-based ingredients used for glitter are hard to come by and little research and testing has been done for cosmetic products.

The aim was to ensure Beauty Boulevard’s products are better for everybody – the environment, suppliers and consumers.


The Solution

Proof of Concept

Beauty Boulevard received a £9,000 Proof of Concept grant from the Innovation Programme. The funding, matched and more by Beauty Boulevard, was used to develop, research and test different biodegradable glitters and plastics with the aim of using them in the company’s current product range.

12 hours Business Support

The company was granted 12 hours of business support from the programme. The time was used to prepare its founders to go on television, help the Beauty Boulevard to manage its current pace of growth and provide strategic advice in all areas of the business including future growth plans.



Paula Short – Co-founder

“The proof of concept funding we’ve received from the Innovation Programme has been a real game-changer for our business. As a small business, the grant has helped us to invest in areas which our competitors are ignoring.

“Working with the Innovation Programme has made us think outside the box. The testing, paid for by the grant, has resulted in our products, and their ingredients, being recognised to a high standard by Boots – the market leader in cosmetics.

“Aside from the grant, the programme has helped me to open other doors for the business which wouldn’t have been opened before.  

“The 12 hours of support has helped us to manage growth. When we first established, we never expected to be where we are now. The business support has helped us in all aspects of our business and we’re reaping the rewards for the time they invested in us.

Greenborough deliver the 12 hours of support for the Innovation Programme. The advice they provide is always for the good of your business and they put their heart and soul into everything they do.

“The programme’s team really went out of their way to help explain the application process and guide me through it from start to finish. Had it not been for them, I wouldn’t have started this programme and taken advantage of it.

“It’s been 100 per cent worth our investment, time, passion and energy! If it fits your business, I would definitely recommend it to any business thinking about working with the Innovation Programme.”

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