Habit5 – David Jones


The Company

Habit5 is a market research agency based in Lincoln with a local, regional, national and international client base. Managing Director, David Jones, founded the agency in 2013 after seeing a gap in the market for a Market Research Society (MRS) accredited agency in Greater Lincolnshire and wider opportunities across the East Midlands.

Habit5 is a full-service, multi-sector agency and deploys multiple research methodologies on behalf of a range of clients including Mercedes-Benz, Interflora and Lincolnshire Co-op.


The Challenge

Habit5 identified that enhanced access to technology and software would enable it to grow and extend its offering to its clients.

Habit5 required a more sophisticated survey platform in order to run face-to-face CAPI (Computer Aided Persona Interviews) without access to the web where necessary and to design, recruit, manage and engage with participants in research community panels across Greater Lincolnshire and beyond.

Both requirements are intertwined – face-to-face interviews represent an important method to recruit participants to research community panels for their clients. This is particularly important as the company prides itself on sampling a minimum of 1,000 people when conducting quantitative research projects with consumers.

Habit5 previously had to capture data with a pen and paper when conducting face-to-face interviews. This hinders quality control and creates extra costs and time to collate the data.

For large data samples, Habit5 used to outsource face-to-face interviews to external partners, which impacted on their profit margins. By bringing this capability in-house, Habit5 believes it will be better placed to achieve its growth potential by increasing its range of services to clients.


The Solution

Proof of Concept

Habit5 was granted just over £4,000 by the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire. The funding, matched by Habit5, was used to purchase a one-year licence for a software application from Question Pro.

The integrated application allows the agency to capture face-to-face data offline in a secure and reliable way on a smartphone or tablet device. It also boasts the architecture required to build research community panels of customers, members, residents or supporters depending upon the type of client involved.

The software is already fully operational within Habit5. Since its introduction into the company, David and his team have been testing its capability and have already successfully run a face-to-face survey in 17 different locations across Lincolnshire with a sample size of over 1,000.


Testimonial – David Jones, Managing Director

“We wanted to avoid creating an artificial ceiling for the growth of our company. Investing in technology, with the support from the programme, has enabled us to achieve more with the current resource we’ve got.

“Working with the Innovation Programme and being awarded a proof of concept grant has allowed us to expand our capabilities and widen the services we offer. The software is in its initial stage but is operational. The first use of it has already proved successful after its initial live test.

“As we continue to develop how we use the new survey platform, we’ll be able to integrate live examples and case studies into our promotion of the agency.

“The investment has improved our prospects because our competitors’ in Greater Lincolnshire and the East Midlands do not have the same capability as we do now.

“The new software is already showing potential, but with its’ broad functionality, there is great potential to make our proposition even more compelling and attractive to client companies across Greater Lincolnshire and around the globe.

“I would thoroughly recommend the programme to other businesses.”

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