Innovation is a fusion of skills, knowledge and perspective. It is about learning how to see challenges and opportunities and positioning your company so that is ultimately benefits from both. The way a business is led and the skills used to navigate changeable economic, social, political and local landscapes can make or break a business.


This course is designed to help you fine tune those skills for your SME so that you can successfully support its growth and development. You will learn:

  • Establish a strong foundation in strong disciplines like finance, marketing, forecasting

  • Share leadership strategies and learn from like-minded individuals from different industries and sectors

  • Learn how to assess risks, calculate return and anticipate trends

  • Discuss management and business strategy by looking at case studies, proven approaches and modern innovators

  • Takeaway strategies, tips and actionable insights on innovative leadership that you can implement within your organisations and businesses

Are you ready to get innovative?

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